Just a Few of the Things We Do Best

Persuasive Postcards. Legendary Letters. Convincing Catalogs and Booklets.

One of the great things about direct mail is the wide variety of formats that are available. From cost effective post cards to fancier dimensional mailers, the possibilities are nearly endless.

Sometimes all it takes is a new format or simple design tweak to boost your response rate or ROI. Check out some of the many options and formats we can offer you:

  • Inserted Letters
  • Inserted Flats
  • Blind-match Mailings
  • Polybag Mailers
  • Self-Mailers
  • Jumbo Postcards
  • Tip-on Mailers
  • Scratch Off Mailers

Need some help? Want some ideas? Just give us a call, we love brainstorming and offering ideas!

Print Perfect!

Our focus is on printing and how we can help with all your direct marketing needs. When you choose your next printer… will they understand your goals, needs and all aspects of the job? There are 100’s of printers out there — but few who are experts in printing for direct marketing!

Our Bindery Department is Simply the Best!

Folding, binding, perfing, scoring, bursting, merging, interleafing, collating, stitching, slitting and nesting… and all the other “ing” words, we do it all. We manage jobs that require extensive handwork as well as high-speed machine gathering. Your completed job will be just as you envisioned it!

When it comes to our bindery services, we think ahead. We know that there is an ultimate goal for every printed piece.

  • Will there be an insert in the mailing?
  • Will it need to be part of a booklet?
  • Are there multiple versions to keep separate?
  • Is there personalization that will have to match other pieces?

When dealing with direct mail, there are many variables to consider throughout the production process.

Rest Assured Your Data is Secure!

Great creative with an intriguing offer sent to the wrong people will yield no results, yet when it comes to mailings, many marketers spend the least amount of time on the most important aspect of their campaign — the data.

For most companies, the majority of business comes from their existing customers. These customers need to be nurtured and spoken to on a consistent basis so when they are ready to buy, donate or make a referral, you are at the top of the list.

We understand that your data is very important. We maintain strict data security procedures to make sure that any information you send to us is handled appropriately. Unlike some other mailers, we do not compile data for resale. There is not a risk that your customer list will leave our building, except on your mailing piece.

Together We’ll Develop a Marketing Program Just for You!

You’ve got a winning product, brand or service. But with thousands of marketing messages vying for attention, how will your customers find you?

Outstanding creative services will make your business stand out. From concept to copywriting to finished art, we can make ideas come alive. Our creative staff will provide you with targeted messages and compelling design. If needed, we will spark your imagination by showing you templates and design ideas from our gallery of successful campaigns.

There are techniques that can enhance your campaign response rates. We can help you incorporate response mechanisms like:

    • Coupons
    • Reply cards
    • Mobile Barcodes
    • Scratch-off Cards

We love to brainstorm ideas and will help you come up with a concept that fits your business and your brand!

A Great Direct Mail Campaign Starts with a Great Mailing List

The better your list, the better your response rate. In fact, some experts believe that your list accounts for 70% of the success of your campaign.

That’s where our experience can be a huge boost to your marketing efforts. We have access to the most comprehensive consumer, business, residential/occupant, and specialty databases in the industry. We can demographically segment any list in order to reach the best prospects for a campaign.

Targeted mailing lists also help to decrease costs in printing and mailing because they filter out records prior to production. Better yet, you can test your offer, format and graphics to determine the best way to reach your specific audience.

Do you need help with determining who to target for your next direct marketing campaign? Our qualified marketing consultants will help strategically choose the best prospects for your campaign.

Our True Specialty – Digital Imaging

There are many names for this process — Variable Print on Demand, One-to-One Marketing, Laser Printing, Digital Imaging, and Personalized Mailing — regardless of what you call it, we are prepared to make it happen!

To keep it simple we will call it Digital Imaging, but it is anything but simple. From basic name personalization, to adding in customer specific variables, to choosing different images based on each database record, we are ready to handle all of your digital imaging needs.

We boast the latest digital printing technology that includes 6 high-quality digital printers including a full color digital press. Whether it’s a small monthly program or your next million pieces run, we have the know-how and the tools to make sure your project is done correctly and on time!

Here are My Names and Addresses!

Do you know that postage can represent over 50% of the cost of most mailings?

We don’t take any shortcuts! Every mailing file is processed through our United States Postal Service Certified Software to both improve the quality of the names and addresses and to maximize your postage savings.

We are CASS and PAVE certified and have National Change of Address (NCOA) processing available. Not sure what this means? No Worries — one of our experts can walk you through the steps. Just know that before we mail anything, you get a chance to see various data quality reports that show you exactly what we are mailing and how much it will cost in postage.

Even More Postage Savings! One of our main goals in working with your data is to achieve the maximum postage discount we can. We do this by presorting your data to help the Postal Service efficiently process the mail. In addition to our presort processing, we analyze our customers’ mailings to see if we can achieve drop ship discounts. A drop ship is a process where we contract with private carriers to take some or all of your mailing directly to the destination postal facility. By doing this, you get a postage discount that out-weighs the freight cost. We have saved our customers’ $1,000’s by taking advantage of this discount.

Track My Mail Please!

When the mail leaves our building, our job isn’t quite done!

We can add a tracking service to your mailings that will allow you to follow along with the delivery of your mail. Our customers have found this to be a valuable tool to help them:

  • Staff Call Centers
  • Plan a Follow Up Campaign
  • Adjust Staff Levels to Coincide with the Mail Delivery

This service is easy to setup and costs very little. In addition, we have an online dashboard that is easy to use so you can check on your delivery at your convenience.

Next time you are ready to do a mailing, let us help you make a good decision about managing your data so you can achieve the best results while paying the lowest price!

The Letter Shop

Our full range of high speed mailing equipment gives you options when planning your mailing campaign.

Envelope addressing, one insert or eight, variable statements, card affixing, standard #10 envelope or an over-sized mailer – we can handle it accurately and efficiently. Need multiple personalized components?  Computer matching assures that all of your personalized pieces come together in the right package for each of your recipients.

Choose eye-catching, response increasing options, like polybags and blown on labels. Need the special attention that only hand-preparation can provide? Come to us. We specialize in finding ways to make every mailing efficient – without sacrificing your message or design.

  • 2-sided Inkjet Imaging
  • 8” Inkjet Imaging Area
  • Color Addressing Capabilities
  • Computer Matching Mailing

Have questions? Give us a call, let us help with the SUCCESS of your mailing campaign!

Trusted Political Mailing Specialists

Our web-based fulfillment system makes it easy.

We know that running and managing all the aspects of a political campaign or initiative has 100’s of moving parts, deadlines, schedules and needs. Our goal is to take the worries out of the printing and direct mail aspects of your campaign objectives.

Our one-stop-shop offers all the services you will need to get the message out.

  • Creative Design
  • Copy Writing
  • Printing
  • Mailing List Consultation and Procurement
  • Postal Processing for Maximum Postage Savings
  • Addressing, Inserting, Packaging, Bundling and all the other Mail Production Services
  • Mail Tracking
  • Destination Delivery to the Postal Service

Whether you need us for one service or the whole project, Direct Mail USA has been helping move political mail for 100 years! In addition to our full range of services, we provides the following:

Dedicated Customer Service Representatives. Once you start your project, you will be working with one of our mailing specialists who will help you along each step of the way.

Quality Control. While working with us you can expect multiple quality control checkpoints. We will proof all copy and creative, we will proof the data and we will proof the final mail piece before it goes out the door. After our team reviews the proofs, we send them to you to make sure you are getting what you need and expect.

Fast Turn Around. Having been there and done that for a century, some things never change. We know that your mailings have to happen fast. Our team and facility is ready to handle your printing and mailing needs. From 48 hour turns to ongoing drip campaigns, we have the horsepower to get the job done.

Central Location. We are located in St. Louis, Missouri just minutes away from the main Post Office. Whether you are working on mailings for St. Louis, other counties in Missouri, or nationwide, our central location allows for fast delivery throughout the country.

Confidentiality. Your copy, creative and data are secure and confidential. We may be doing political mailings at the same time, but everything is kept separate and secure, and we do not share ideas or messages across customers.

For more information about political mailings, what to expect from the post office, pricing, and payment terms please contact us today! We are ready to help you.

The Who, What, When, Where and Why?

First we will ask you some questions:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is your objective?
  • When do you want your program to mail?
  • Where are your current customers?
  • Why not increase your response with a follow-up mailing?

Then we’ll supply you with the answers! We can show you how to:

  • Reach your customers and prospects.
  • Test.
  • Evaluate Results!

Project Management

We offer a team approach… shared information, valuable expertise and a coordinated effort. When your project begins, your account executive assembles a custom made team of personnel designed to deliver the services specific to your job. Your team works together, sharing information, and bringing year of experience, to complete your job.

How we do it:

  • Knowledgeable and experienced staff in every department
  • Supervisors who treat every job as a special project
  • Dedicated customer service reps to follow your project every step of the way
  • A scheduling department to keep things moving smoothly